Live Casino offers Live Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette Games

Experience real-time streamed Live Casino games where genuine dealers shuffle, deal, and engage with players. Enjoy Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em from the convenience of your home.

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Featured Live Casino Games

Live Blackjack

Enjoy i8 Live Blackjack on desktop and mobile, with seamless play at your convenience, anywhere, anytime.

Choose from a wide range of Blackjack variations suitable for all skill levels. Discover Lightning Blackjack’s electrifying twists, enjoy the fast-paced nature of Speed Blackjack, and explore Infinite Blackjack’s limitless potential. Most tables have seven seats, and the ‘Bet Behind’ option is available when seats are taken.

Live Baccarat

i8 online Live Baccarat suite offers a Macau-like experience with features like the Red Envelope bonus. From Peek Baccarat to Lightning Baccarat, Gold Wealth Baccarat, and unique variants like Bac Bo, there’s an array of choices for players. It’s the ultimate Live Baccarat experience.

Newcomers can easily learn, while pros can track stats and use interactive features. Different games offer default and customizable side bets for added excitement.

Live Roulette

Experience top-tier live gaming with our i8 Roulette games. Immersive multi-camera views put you in the action, tracking every wheel spin and ball movement. Enjoy diverse game views, Autoplay, stats for informed betting, chat, and save up to 15 favorite bets.

Feel the excitement playing alongside fellow gamblers at genuine tables. Choose real dealers or automated games, streamed flawlessly in HD to your screens.

Live Poker

i8 live casino presents a diverse array of Poker variants, featuring exclusive titles achieved through collaborations with Scientific Games and Games Marketing, setting us apart from other live casino providers.

Our Poker portfolio uniquely combines slots-style Progressive Jackpots, creating excitement for Poker fans and jackpot enthusiasts alike. Whether you seek strategic Poker play or the thrill of chasing big wins, Evolution’s selection offers an engaging gaming experience.

Guides for Live Casinos

Prepare to revolutionize your online gaming experience as you step into the realm of the live casino today. Relax and immerse yourself in the action at our expansive array of live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat tables, where the potential for substantial payouts awaits those fortunate enough to strike luck. Embark on one of the most exhilarating Malaysia online casino adventures at i8, and revel in the camaraderie with friends and fellow gamers.

Nurture your expertise and tactics through low-stakes games, gradually progressing to join the ranks of high rollers. Hone your comprehension of each game by delving into our live casino guides. Our intention is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of live casino gaming, enabling you to spin, roll, and deal your way towards success.

So, let go of conventional video gaming, as the live casino offers the ultimate immersion for players who crave the thrill of interactive play with friends, engaging conversations with the dealer, and the pursuit of substantial rewards.

Mastering Live Casino Table Games

The live casino offers an abundance of games, ensuring you’ll discover a table that suits your preferences. Relish the allure of live blackjack, experience the suspense of live baccarat, and chase tantalizing wins in live roulette. Our guides will instruct you on playing casino table games and furnish tips on techniques employed by professionals to secure impressive victories.

You’ll also become adept at playing poker, be it Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, or 3 Card poker, and gain insights into the role of a dealer. Our guides are designed to elevate your skills to the level that suits you best.

Learning the Intricacies of Live Roulette and Live Blackjack

No casino experience is complete without the presence of a live roulette wheel. Our comprehensive guide will empower you to make informed betting choices. Delve into the rich history spanning 200 years, explore the diverse bet types, and grasp the distinctions between American and European roulette.

Likewise, live blackjack stands as a staple in any online casino. With our guides, you can comprehend the essentials of blackjack from the ground up. Familiarize yourself with the game’s history, access our blackjack cheat sheet, and acquire insights into navigating challenging hands.

Moreover, broaden your horizons by discovering how to play lesser-known casino table games like Lightning Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, and French Roulette!

Unveiling the Virtual Extravaganza: i8 Bet’s Digital Oasis of Live Casino Thrills

In the dynamic realm of virtual gaming, i8 bet stands as a digital arena where enthusiasts can delve into an unparalleled array of live casino experiences. This digital haven, pulsating with excitement and innovation, beckons players to embark on a journey through the vivid landscapes of online gaming. In this article, we unveil the magic behind i8 bet’s immersive platform, where cutting-edge technology and collaboration with renowned game developers converge to create an unparalleled gaming haven.

Diverse Symphony of Gaming Brilliance

At the heart of i8 bet’s allure lies its collaboration with industry giants such as AG, SA Gaming, Playtech, Ho Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and more. These esteemed game developers contribute to a kaleidoscope of gaming intricacies, each bringing a unique flavor to the expansive repertoire of i8 bet. The partnership with these luminaries ensures a diverse and multifaceted gaming encounter for patrons, setting i8 bet apart in the competitive landscape of online casinos.

AG: Pioneering Excellence in Virtual Realms

AG emerges as a trailblazer in the virtual gaming sphere, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a commitment to excellence, AG crafts games that seamlessly blend captivating visuals with groundbreaking technology. Players at i8 bet can immerse themselves in AG’s creations, where every spin of the reel unfolds a world of possibilities, marked by stunning graphics and engaging gameplay.

SA Gaming: Elevating the Gaming Experience

SA Gaming brings a unique touch to i8 bet’s offerings, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. Known for their commitment to realism, SA Gaming’s creations transport players to a virtual realm where the line between the digital and the tangible blurs. Whether it’s the thrill of live dealer games or the excitement of interactive slots, SA Gaming adds an extra layer of authenticity to the i8 bet experience.

Playtech: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

In the intricate tapestry of i8 bet’s gaming library, Playtech weaves a narrative that seamlessly blends innovation with tradition. Renowned for their progressive jackpot slots and cutting-edge live dealer games, Playtech’s contributions ensure that every moment at i8 bet is a harmonious blend of modernity and classic gaming charm.

Ho Gaming: Elevating Live Dealer Interactions

Ho Gaming stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of live dealer interactions. At i8 bet, players can engage in live casino games facilitated by Ho Gaming, where professional dealers and state-of-the-art technology converge to create an authentic and immersive gaming atmosphere. The live dealer games at i8 bet, curated in collaboration with Ho Gaming, redefine the standards for interactive online gaming.

Evolution Gaming: Pinnacle of Live Casino Evolution

No exploration of i8 bet’s gaming prowess is complete without acknowledging the transformative impact of Evolution Gaming. As a key collaborator, Evolution Gaming brings the pinnacle of live casino evolution to i8 bet’s platform. From live roulette to immersive live blackjack, Evolution Gaming’s contributions ensure that players at i8 bet are at the forefront of the latest advancements in live online gaming.

Embracing a Distinctive Cadence

What sets i8 bet apart is the distinctive cadence with which every gaming session unfolds. The collaborative efforts of these eminent game manufacturers result in a symphony of games, where each note resonates with precision and excitement. From the visually stunning creations of AG to the immersive live dealer experiences facilitated by Evolution Gaming, i8 bet orchestrates a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary.

Immerse Yourself in the i8 Bet Experience

As you navigate the digital landscape of i8 bet, you’re not just playing games; you’re immersing yourself in a world where innovation, technology, and gaming artistry converge. The intricate web of collaborations with AG, SA Gaming, Playtech, Ho Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and more ensures that every moment spent at i8 bet is a testament to the limitless possibilities of online gaming.

In conclusion, i8 bet stands as a beacon in the virtual gaming sphere, offering patrons an extraordinary array of live casino thrills. The collaborative efforts with top-tier game developers create an environment where diversity meets excellence, setting the stage for an unparalleled gaming experience. Embrace the opportunity to explore the digital oasis of i8 bet, where each gaming session unfolds with a distinctive cadence, making it a journey worth undertaking.

What are the Reasons for Incorporating LIve Dealer Games?

  • Easy Accessibility

    Live online games offer the flexibility to fit seamlessly into your established schedule. These games can be enjoyed at any hour, be it day or night, without the need for extensive travel to a physical casino. With the casino experience readily available at your fingertips, you’re free to indulge in your preferences without constraint, playing whenever you desire.

  • Abundance of Game Choices

    Diversity serves as the heart of both life and live dealer games. The allure of choice exhilarates players, as it ensures minimal likelihood of monotony. i8 remains consistently refreshed, preventing its players from experiencing tedium. With a spectrum catering to various preferences, Casumo takes pride in its array of options to suit diverse tastes.

  • Engaging with Live Players

    If you’re new to playing live dealer games on i8, there’s no need for concern. i8’s live dealer games feature skilled and knowledgeable dealers who can provide guidance as you navigate the gameplay. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to interact with fellow players who bring diverse experiences to the table, allowing you to exchange game-related insights and tips.

  • Enticing Offers

    Live dealer casino games bring forth captivating and appealing promotions. The allure of these promotions is often contingent upon the specific games you engage in and the wagers you place. Online casinos offer an array of enticements, including welcome bonuses, loyalty points, deposit bonuses, VIP promotions, special event bonuses, and a host of other tempting incentives.

  • Exceptional Customer Assistance

    The presence of robust customer support stands as a significant advantage, particularly for new patrons navigating a slew of inquiries. Online live dealer platforms offer accessible and supportive customer care services, with some even operating around the clock. Furthermore, the FAQ section proves to be immensely valuable in familiarizing oneself with the website, comprehending the games, and understanding operational procedures.


A live casino is an online platform that offers real-time casino games with live dealers. Players can interact with real dealers through live streaming while enjoying popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more.

In a live casino, real dealers manage the games from a studio equipped with cameras and streaming technology. Players access the games through the casino’s website or app and place bets using a digital interface. The dealers interact with players through live chat and handle the game just like in a physical casino.

Live casinos typically offer a variety of table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Some platforms also offer unique games like Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, and Deal or No Deal.

Yes, reputable live casinos use advanced technology to ensure fairness. The games are operated by real dealers, and the outcomes are determined by genuine cards, wheels, or dice, just like in a traditional casino. Additionally, many live casinos are regulated by gambling authorities to ensure fairness and security.

You’ll need a stable internet connection, a computer, smartphone, or tablet to access the live casino’s website. Some casinos also offer dedicated apps for mobile devices. Additionally, a microphone might be useful if you wish to interact with the dealer through voice chat.

Yes, most live casinos offer a chat function that allows you to interact with the dealer. You can ask questions, place bets, or simply engage in casual conversation.

Live casino games often require real money bets due to the costs associated with live streaming and employing dealers. However, some casinos may offer demo versions of their live games for you to practice.

Reputable live casinos implement security measures like encryption to protect players’ personal and financial information. It’s important to choose licensed and regulated casinos to ensure a safe gaming experience.

In a live casino, games are operated by real dealers and streamed live, offering a more immersive experience. In contrast, an RNG (Random Number Generator) casino uses software to simulate game outcomes, which some players might find less authentic.

Most live casinos provide various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and more. Deposits and withdrawals can be made through the casino’s banking section, following their specific guidelines.